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Test and Tag (Perth)

 Completions Services offers Testing and Tagging services for:

  • Home
  • Office
  • Small Bussiness - Repair/Maintenance/Manufacturer/Assembly
  • Factories/Workshops
  • Contractors
  • Public Venues
  •                  INSPECT

                       TESTIMG Fail



                                                    As required by AS/NZS 3760:2010

OHS Acts stipulate employer, self employed, contractor or person having control of a work environment (workplace) has a Duty of Care, to deliver and maintain a Safe Working Environment. Appliance Test and Tag is part of maintaining that Safe Working Environment. Visitors to the workplace also fall under the same Duty of Care.

How Often do I Need to Test and Tag

The frequency of testing and what needs to be tested is driven primarily by:

  1. Frequency of usage (flexing)
  2. Environment (what is called Hostile (hot/dirty/chemical))
  3. Mobility (fixed or mobile)
  4. Location (Construction/Workshop/Factory/Residential/Office)

Frequecies can be:

  • 3 monthly
  • 6 monthly
  • 12 monthly
  • 2 yearly
  • 5 yearly

see table below for recommendations;