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Completions Services - Operational Readiness

Operational Readiness is an integral part of the Commissioning and Completions process. Operations personnel should be intimately involved with the Completions team in the actual process, commencing at Stage 1 & work hand in hand with the Completions team (who represent the project) through all stages of the Commissioning and Completions process.

Integration of the Operations team with the Completions group ensures a seamless transfer of both knowledge & skill sets.

Early communication of the issues ensures material and resources are allocated appropriately, data build and transfers are on time and people allocation throughout the construction to handover is planned and managed. Key items to the Operational Readiness process:


F   Single source data collection and transfer to Client’s maintenance and archival systems

F   Lube schedule implications and planning outcomes for the Client

F   Preservation handover

F   Co-ordination of seamless handover of the Plant to Client

F   Clearly defined and manageable handover processes

F   Clear definition and planning of all training needs and competency testing

F   Clear definition of isolation tasks that the Client needs to prepare for.