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Commissioning & Completions Software

An integral part in pulling the Completions process together is a Completions / Commissioning Management Software - WebCMS/PCS. (This software is proprietary to our business affiliate Sabre Intelligence).

WebCMS/PCS software is designed to deliver the most intuitive thinking and application of available technology, whilst minimising the input of IT to meet this by giving the users an application that can be modified and built upon as the project progresses along with its ability to update from Lesson Learned on previous projects and just as importantly the end picture which is a Process Plant built and Commissioned to the appropriate standards with an auditable trail.

Most software applications are driven at a particular Discipline with great detail, if you are of another discipline then it does not necessarily meet your discipline needs - Projects are multi Discipline and so is the software.

Documentation, be it the generation of and or the collation for handover is very labour intensive for both the respective engineers and administration staff, our software auto creates the appropriate documentation along with bar coding minimising, if not alleviating, these labour intensive tasks.



WebCMS/PCS is an integral part of the Completions process, Construction through to Commissioning & Client Handover.

The WebCMS/PCS tool is intended to deliver:


F   Real time Project Completions status

F   Both Intranet and Internet access and control

F   Consistency of approach

F   Total project visibility

F   Stage 1/2/2/3/4, Construction/Pre-Commissioning/Commissioning/CS/ITR/FIC & Procedures with audit trail

F   Asset Registers (all disciplines)

F   Preservation control (Construction Maintenance)

F   All levels of Project Completions Certification

F   Works to Go & Punch List management

F   Commissioning HSEC management (RA/JHA/CSC/NOE/LUN)

F   Electronic warehouse of all Construction through to Commissioning data and documentation

F   Reporting or status and progress as the Project requires

F   Work Packs for Stages 1/2/3/4, Construction/Pre-Commissioning/Commissioning

F   Auto document creation and bar coding

F   Data source for Client Maintenance system

F   Data source for Client Maintenance & Operations Training