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Commissioning & Completions Services

Completions Services specialise in the delivery of Commissioning / Completions personnel and processes to large Industrial Projects.

We are currently servicing a number of Projects in Western Australia, South Australia, China, South America and the USA.

Completions Services provide Commissioning & Completions Services to a wide sector of Industries:

F   Oil & Gas (onshore and offshore)

F   Power Generation (GT and Coal)

F   Petrochemical (New)

F   Iron ore (wet and dry plants)

F   Titanium Dioxide (chloride process)

F   Nickel (smelting and refining)

F   Gold (CIP and Heap)

One of our primary drivers is to add value to the Project with both experienced personnel and processes. We can operate in whatever structure/environment your Project requires:

Manage the Client developed Procedures and processes

  • Develop and manage procedures and processes to suit the specific Project
  • Or any variation of the above

Our focus is the end picture – a fully operational Plant / Process that is making product the way it was designed & engineered to do. We offer seamless & efficient methodologies to assist in the achievement of the end picture.

Critical to the success of any Project is the completion of such without incident. Our Completions process ensures the team manages the Commissioning process in a clearly defined, safe and efficient manner.

Traceability is then delivered for not only the Commissioning process but the Safety process.