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Completions Services - Our Business

Completions Services was formed to provide what we believe are niche services to both Greenfield and Brownfield projects.

“Completion” is a specialist service, distinct from just Commissioning. Our focus is the end picture - your Project operating in the most efficient, safe, seamless and practical manner within a realistic managed time frame. Rigorous, systematic and consistent application is how we manage the Completions process.

Completions Services are an operational focus team that specialises in the delivery of industry Completions & Commissioning processes, services and personnel. Our people come from a diversity of industries with the technical and more importantly the operating knowledge and experience that makes the unique difference we offer.

The expertise of our personnel, discipline experts that can apply and work in a multi discipline environment deliver the Completions process.

  1. Completions – Commissioning/Completions Services;
  2. Completions - Commissioning Software;
  3. Completions / Commissioning - QC personnel;
  4. Operational Readiness;
  5. Integrated Construction/Commissioning

We believe that effective communication and appropriate skills with the right tools will deliver what the Client needs. Transparency and systems application build confidence - this confidence is what the Client expects in those deliverables.

We pride ourselves in the ability to focus on each Client's unique project and way of doing business, applying and developing industry best practice with the latest innovative technology.

Our expertise interaction with your scheduling will add value by interrelating and the setting of precedence’s that can deliver:

F   Streamlining of the Construction process.

F   Integration of the Construction through Commissioning and Handover processes.

F   Operational Readiness interfacing, minimising the risk of operational delays and productivity loss.

F   Integration of people, process and systems application prior to commencement of Operations.

Our Completions & Commissioning software tool is a web based application with features that others have not even considered.

WHY? Because we look at the big picture, end objective (operational plant) as our primary driver.

F   What does the Client need?

F   What does the Project need?

The software tool is designed as a multi discipline, multi user, multi application, object orientated data base to manage the Completions process from Construction through Commissioning and final Handover to the Client, in the safest, most seamless and practical manner possible.

Bottom line - we offer our team, services and software as a total package to manage and drive to an Operational status the Project Deliverables.