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Completions Services - Safety Health and Environment

Our primary role is to manage and mitigate the associated risks that come about from the actions taken in the process of Commissioning & Completions. Commissioning may also be taking place in a Construction environment - managing and mitigating these risks is key to delivery of the Project safely and on time.

Commissioning has added risks as it is performed in a 'Live' state rather than the operating normal 'Dead' state. Specific ‘live’ isolation will be required and managed by a competent team of personnel who understand the risks and manage these appropriately.

Key to the above is:

  • Competent & experience Leadership;
  • Processes and Procedures (Energisation Procedure & JHA/SWP);
  • Consistent approach;
  • Promotion (consultation, communication & awareness)

Completions Services are currently developing and implementing Safety, Health & Environmental Systems in accordance with Western Australia Occupational Safety & Health Legislation & Regulatory requirements as well as OHSA S 18001:2007. Our goal is to create a comprehensive Integrated Management System, with a focus on ISO/TS 29001 compliance (Petroleum, petrochemical & natrual gas industries - Sector specific quality management systems).