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Completions Services - Quality Management

Since the establishment of Completions Services in 2008, we have distinguished ourselves as a prompt and reliable Commissioning & Completions Services Provider. We are striving to become the one stop solution to our Customer’s requirements.

Our rapid growth has not made us lose sight of our proven policy of maintaining a high level of consistency, efficiency, reliability and confidentiality as well as a personalised and realistic approach to handle business transactions and opportunities. All these factors have contributed to our success over the years.

Completions Services have developed and implemented a Quality Management System to ensure systematic control, as well as continuous improvement of our operations and processes. The Quality Management System has been developed, implemented and certified in accordance with ISO 9001:2008.

Completions Services Quality Management System will further be developed to incorporate all aspects of our operations. Our goal is to create a comprehensive Integrated Management System, with a focus on ISO/TS 29001 compliance (Petroleum, petrochemical & natural gas industries – Sector specific quality management systems).

Our QMS has formal avenues in place for Customers to provide feedback on our services so that we can monitor, measure and ensure we are meeting their changing demands.

Completions Services management and personnel are committed to the development, implementation, maintenance and continuous improvement of our management systems.