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Completions Services - Strategy

The Completions team needs to engage with the Project at a very early stage to establish the principles and requirements necessary for successful Commissioning of the new Plant & Facilities. The team is expected to be involved in the strategic development and detailed planning phases of the project. Recognition of commissioning requirements in all key Vendor Equipment packages as well as in all Fabrication & Construction contracts, including any off-site modularisation, is critical to achieving a successful Commissioning of the total facilities.

Typically the Plant and Facilities will be constructed on an area or geographical location basis. As the Construction phase at site nears completion the Completions team need to define the Completion sequences for Process Systems (as Sub-systems) that are required to be completed and then commissioned in a predetermined order. The same process needs to be applied at off-site fabrication and modularisation facilities wherever they are located.

It is the Completions team that set the pre-requisites and relationships of sub-systems such that the Construction schedule is given its optimal compression with Completions taking place as Construction continues. Operational testing and preparation for Commissioning & Completions needs to be planned at the sub-system and system levels initially and then as the area/facility level. Opportunities to accelerate or facilitate Commissioning Plant and related facilities by parallel completions activities should be considered and adopted where there is a benefit and can be safely realised.



F   Undertaking Commissioning & Completions Processes in a safe & controlled manner

F   Clear definition, understanding and acceptance by all involved in the Commissioning & Completions Process

F   Reducing Project cost and potential delays

F   Reducing future maintenance activities and costs

F   Promoting active engagement of all parties

F   Integration of all parties to achieve fully operational plant in the most effective cost and time manner

F   Ensuring that all equipment is tested and verified in accordance with their design intent and detailed specifications

F   Achieving timely and effective generation of Operational & Maintenance processes

F   Proving all plant and infrastructure ready for Operations to commence

F   Managing the Handover process

F   Passing on knowledge and wisdom to the Project Operations team.