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Completions Services - Deliverables

In general, the following form the basic deliverables related to Commissioning & Completions activities: 

F   Appointment of a competent and qualified person to lead Commissioning & Completions activities

F   Provision of necessary personnel to undertake Completions testing and recording as required

F   Preparation of Completions Procedures, Check Sheets/ITR’s, Reports and other applicable documentation

F   Co-ordinate all Vendors and contractors representatives that are required for the completions stages

F   Managing all contractors, specialist support and Vendors who’s Scope of Work (SOW) is partially or fully inclusive of completions activities

F   Performance and management of completions and handover process

F   Handover of the fully populated CMS with all drawings, documentation, ITRs, check sheets, etc. to IRD

F   Other completions services required for or incidental to the completions process as required

F   Co-ordination of all Punch List items

The Completions team prepare and use Check Sheets/ITR’s & Completions Procedures from a number of sources, internal and contractors, to ensure Completions works complies with the guidelines set out in the Commissioning & Completions process and the requirements of the Handover to Project Operations.

Check Sheets/ITR’s are developed for all stages. Check Sheet/ITR’s for Stages 1 and 2 are discipline orientated, whereas those for Stages 3, 4 and 5 are process orientated. i.e. when at Stages 3, 4 and 5 the process has moved from testing individual equipment to testing multiple equipment to meet operating plant requirements.