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Completions Services - Completions


COMMISSIONING is the methodology of ensuring your plant works in the most efficient and safe manner.


COMPLETIONS is making sure contractual obligations are met – the balancing act between Construction and Commissioning activities


Commissioning and completions encompass all of the activities that take place from construction up to the point that the plant and facilities is ready to receive ore (or other process mediums) for operation, performance testing and ramp up.

Commissioning & Completions strategies need to apply to both the Client as well as major Engineering & Construction Contractors that are engaged in a Project. Regardless of the contracting arrangements between the Project and its Contractors, it is imperative there be consistency of application of Commissioning & Completions methods of implementation, procedures, terminology, reporting, work breakdown structure (WBS) and software systems. Systematic application of the Commissioning & Completions process ensures that the Plant & Equipment perform interactively according to the Project design intent & operational needs.

For all stages Commissioning & Completions must be managed safely & efficiently to prepare the Plant & infrastructure facilities for operation in accordance with Project Plant performance specifications.

Progressive integration of the Completions and Projects Operations teams is key to the success of commissioning Plant & Facilities (Integrated Commissioning team).

From a Commissioning & Completions perspective there are five stages that the Completions team are involved in and variously responsible for.



STAGE 2     FUNCTIONAL TESTING (Pre-commissioning)

STAGE 3     NO-LOAD TESTING (Pre-commissioning)

STAGE 4     LOAD TESTING (Commissioning)